Bugzilla Customization

Bugzilla Customizations and Custom Engineering Services

Sales@Bugopolis.com or phone: (360) 463-1521

We have customized our systems to meet the individual specifications of many of our customers. Past projects have involved data migration, adding trouble ticket systems that interface with Bugzilla defect tracking, customizing the Bugzilla  UI, drop downs, custom logos, custom screens and much more.

Bugopolis can customize Bugzilla to your specifications. Our customization services are bid competitively and we offer hourly or fixed rate contracts. You have access to your customization project on-line, which allows you the ability to monitor progress, submit bugs, access to the sourcecode control system and review the current specifications.

When you submit information about the customizations you need, we provide you with a written proposal that includes anticipated schedules and costs. Upon execution of the contract, you will be provided with an immediate on-line project-management connection that allows you to monitor progress and communicate directly with our engineers throughout the entire process.

For customization information,Email: Sales@Bugopolis.com