BugStation: Turn-Key Bugzilla Servers

The BugStation serves up the most recent version of Bugzilla on your web browsers any time, any place and we provide the tech support you need. You get a centralized, web-based defect tracking system that is ready to use instantly for entering, assigning and tracking defect progress.  It offers advanced reporting, inter-bug dependency graphing, integrated product-based security schemas and extensive configurability.  It is fully customizable and we offer the tech support you need.

The software stack includes the latest stable version of Bugzilla, Webmin for web-based server administration and client-side tools for Windows users including MySQL Navigator, MyODBC, PUTTY and FileZilla.  BugzillaMetrics is also available as a tool fo the evaluation of metrics on the issue tracking system and a user-friendly web-based query tool and export of the metric results in various formats. 

Bugzilla tech support is included.  We offer unlimited email support with a guaranteed 24-hour turnaround as our basic support and Tier One support is available for 24/7 support with both email and telephone support for an additional charge.

Your system can be customized with your logo, and remote startup assistance is included.

Security: Our systems are security hardened.  They have limited points of entry and Bugopolis has hardened the systems to reduce the risk of an intruder gaining access to your data. The hardened systems are secure enough to operate outside the corporate firewall making remote access available without the worries.

Phone: (360) 463-1521

The BugZone and The BugStations come with tech support and additional features that make Bugzilla even better!

You Get Tools for Windows Users:

You get native Windows-based tools help you transfer files to your server and connect to your database.

Automatic Nightly Backups: Your defect tracking database is backed up nightly to another secure, remote server.

Technical Support: You get unlimted email support with a guaranteed 24-hour turnaround time.

Maintenance: You get bugzilla ready to use right away with no installation required on your part and maintenance is easy with automatic software and security updates.

You get a dedicated server with root access: You won't be affected by other customers using the CPU and you have full root access. Most other bugzilla hosting is offered by service providers who sell space on partitioned servers.

CVS Integration: The new SVN, MediaWiki integration is the preferred solution, but these systems can come pre-confingured for CVS intergration, if desired.

Easy Administration: You get Webmin, an easy browser-based solution for server administration.

RAID Mirroring : Our servers are configured with hardware RAID. This increases reliability exponentially , and ordinary wear-and-tear reliability is raised.

99.999% Uptime Guarantee for BugZone hosting: Your hosted server is located at a major Tier-1 level data center that has been engineered from the ground up to ensure our 99.999% uptime guarantee.

Security Hardening: Your server is security hardened making remote access available without the worries.

Customizations: You can have your bugzilla customized with your own company logo and User Interface. More extensive customizations are available as well.